Providing growers and advisers with information, resources and tools to improve the management of surface and subsurface soil acidity in the southern region.

Acid Soils Southern Region is a collaborative project which provides resources, information and research updates to underpin best practice surface and subsurface soil acidity management in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

The project will generate new information regarding lime movement and effectiveness when applied to the surface of different soils and environments in modern farming systems. It will also work to identify, develop and validate novel acidity management practices such as lime forms, placement and incorporation methods, such as spading or topsoil slotting.

2024 Soil acidity and liming workshop – Spalding, SA

9am – 3pm, Tuesday 26 March 2024
Spalding Community Sports Complex, SPALDING

Mid North growers and advisers are invited to our 2024 Acid Soils Southern Region workshop to explore the management of surface and subsurface soil acidity, and different liming strategies for 2024.

Leading experts will discuss the causes and effects of soil acidity, soil pH mapping and NDVI, lime sources and application rates, decision support tools, incorproation options and more.

The workshop is free, with morning tea and lunch provided. Registration is required for seating and catering purposes.


of cropping land in SA currently has surface soil acidity (0-10cm < pH 5.5) or has potential to become acidic


of lime was applied in SA per annum between 2015 and 2018


per annum in lime applications is required to correct the current rates of acidification


of lime is required immediately in SA to raise current topsoil pH levels to 5.5


Careful management of soil acidity can produce great cost savings for growers in the short and medium term.

Click through our tools, resources and information to better diagnose and manage soil acidity. While most resources are designed for grain growers (cereals/pulses/oilseeds), information and tools are applicable to grazing and horticultural enterprises.

Project Partners

The GRDC Acid Soils Southern Region project (formally titled Updating acidification rates, lime recommendations and extension aids to overcome soil acidity constraints to crop production in the southern region) is a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) investment which brings together project partners from South Australia’s Department of Primary Industries and Regions, the South Australian Department for Environment and Water, The University of Adelaide, the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, Trengove Consulting, Penrice and AgCommunicators. (GRDC Project Code: UOA2206-009RTX)

〉 Brian Hughes, PIRSA
〉 Giacomo Betti, GRDC
〉 Luke Mosley, University of Adelaide
〉 Tim Herrman, Department for Environment and Water
〉 Belinda Cay, AgCommunicators
〉 Brett Masters, PIRSA
〉 Bonnie Armour, PIRSA
〉 Lyn Doble, PIRSA



〉 David Woodard, PIRSA
〉 Andrew Harding, PIRSA
〉 Nigel Fleming, PIRSA-SARDI
〉 Sam Trengove, Trengove Consulting
〉 Andrew Graetz, Penrice
〉 Ruby Hume, University of Adelaide
〉 Lisa Miller, Southern Farming Systems